Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meeting Charlaine Harris...again

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet the fantastic Charlaine Harris again.  She had a scheduled event in Lexington, KY, which brought out a crowd of at least 500 fans; the biggest author event I've ever attended.  I had met Ms. Harris last year in Ohio and learned that if you want a good seat at one of her signing events, get there early!  (Which I did- 4 hours early..and front row seats!)

                                     (The crowd, from my vantage point, about half an hour before the event).

Ms. Harris was an absolute delight.  The crowd roared with applause when she came out, cheering, clapping, all much to her surprise.  She spoke briefly, and very humorously, about her new book, DEADLOCKED, the next-to-last book in the incredibly awesome Sookie Stackhouse series.  She then quickly started taking questions, and immediately, dozens of hands shot into the air, fans eagerly hoping to get their questioned answered by Ms. Harris.  There were questions about all her book series, but of course, most asked about Sookie or True Blood (the HBO series that's based on her Sookie Stackhouse novels, for those of you who possibly live under a rock and have never heard of the show).  Even though we were given questions not to ask Ms. Harris before the event (such as, How does the series end? Who does Sookie end up with? Are you Team Eric or Team Bill?) there was the inevitable questioner who asked if Ms. Harris would give a shout-out to Team Eric.  Ms. Harris, being gracious and funny at the same time, explained why she wished no one would be a certain Team Whoever since she feels the books are really about Sookie, not her love interests. 

Afterward, she graciously signed books for everyone.  With the massive number of readers in attendance, I felt a bit sorry for her having to sign her name into hundreds of books (but she's a total professional and could probably handle it all with ease).  I hope I'll get the chance to meet her again someday.

                                                                          (Charlaine answering fan questions).

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